TimAndreaWilly-2Tim & Willy takes over KJJJ Mornings – 6AM-9AM

“The Tim and Willy Thing”

The Tim and Willy Show is a personality filled feel good variety show.  In a world where people can get the music they want- whenever they want it and news delivered instantly and continuously to your smart phone, there is still a desire to connect with and listen to people you know, you like and you trust.  In our A.D.D.- energy drink fueled  world we find ourselves with less time to spend with the people we care about.  We follow our friends and family on facebook and other social media, but we still want to hear and engage with real people.  We crave the kind of connection that you get from interacting with friends like you were together at a dinner party or backyard barbeque. Tim, Willy and Andrea have the ability to bring you in, like you’re hanging out with your best friends as they talk about their lives, our town, the latest gossip and current events without the hardlined views you get from a tv talk shows and radio shock jocks.  Their show is for people who want a light-hearted and entertaining look at the world.  It’s filled with interesting characters, stories, parody songs and special guests.  The Tim and Willy Show will entertain you and give you the friends you don’t have time to meet, talk to or see yet still feel as though you are connected.